Fjallraven Kanken – My baby girl finally arrived



I have mentioned in a post that I ordered a Fjallraven Kanken backpack and was waiting for it to arrived. It finally did!

This bag came a long way actually. The first part of its journey to me was the search. It did not take long for me to google websites that sold this bag online. However, in particular interested me. One, there was a 15% storewide sale going on (it is still going on actually). Two, there was a 20% discount for orders outside EU. Three, free worldwide delivery. Four, the reviews for this site are sky high. After careful comparisons and consideration (because the original £55 price is a little too much for me), I got the Warm Yellow Classic bag for only £36 from there!!!

However, I distrust the Vietnamese postal service (I think it’s mostly fine, just me being paranoid), so I decided to get it delivered to my friend’s place in Singapore, and have another friend deliver it back to Vietnam for me. It took the bag about 10 working days to arrive at my friend’s in Singapore, which was considerably fast for international delivery, and about a week more to get to my hands.

I was so beyond myself when I saw the bag. It was in immaculate condition. I love everything about it, from the little tags that came with it to its vibrant colour, to its unique shape and design, so timeless and classic. I will not go into describing it in detail because you can see everything from the photos. So, feast your eyes.

IMG_4126 IMG_4128 IMG_4130 IMG_4131 IMG_4133 IMG_4134


I don’t know why there was a Frallraven sticker along with the bag, but I thought it was crazy cute. The adjustable straps feel very sturdy and the material is waterproof. My only concern is that the bright colour will get dirty easily but I think the material is quite easy to clean. All the compartments in the bag are of good size, and the shape allows you to store more things than a pear-shape backpack of similar size.

I cannot wait to start wearing it, which will happen pretty soon when my internship in Vietnam starts. Here, the safest bag to wear is backpack because it’s the hardest to snatch from you, which do happen if you are not careful. This bag will be chic enough to wear with my work clothes, while still keep my things safe, and if anything I can always put a more formal bag inside to change into when i get to work.

I recommend anyone who is looking for a backpack to chose Fjallraven Kanken and to use in particular because the product and service was that good. This is not a sponsored post, by the brand or the website. I am just speaking from my own experience.

Thanks for stopping by and see you again!


4 thoughts on “Fjallraven Kanken – My baby girl finally arrived

  1. I found this post by looking for photos of the warm yellow Kanken! I’ve had my eye on them for a while now, and think it’s finally time to order. I was immediately drawn to this colour, but was second-guessing myself about whether I should get a more “normal” or neutral colour like grey… but I think I might just go for the yellow now! It looks beautiful.

    • Absolutely!
      I am very happy with my purchase and have been using it for my weekend trips ever since. Such a conversational piece! Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine 🙂

  2. This is a fake. Fjallraven doesn’t have tags like that. The color of the straps is off too. There’s no way you’d be able to get a new one for such a cheap price.

    • Hi there! Thanks for commenting.
      1. Tags are added on by the store that I bought it from. The website has been closed (taken over by the original fjallraven kanken brand as you can see in the message here This should prove that the original website was selling authentic bags.
      2. Color is off because of the styrofoam inside which makes the body slightly darker. The straps are fine.
      3. The price of the classickanken increases every year. This was posted in 2013 (I’ve forgotten I have this blog since then, that’s how long ago this was), at which point the price of the classic kanken was GBP52 (today it is GBP65). With storewide discount of 15% and deduct 20% UK sales tax for orders from outside Europe (UK was still part of Europe then), the bag is GBP35. So yes it was possible to buy the bag that cheap at that time. I agree that there’s no way you can get an authentic one for so cheap now.
      4. I am still using this bag today and it is going strong. The fakes won’t last that long.

      I was a poor student at the time so I did my research before purchasing. Hope this clears your dobuts. But if it doesn’t that’s fine.

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