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Quick outfit of the day post, featuring my mom (probably hard to tell she’s my mom from the photo, more like my sister haha).

I went out with my family the other day and had the best time ever. We went for dinner and just took a walk around the city centre. It helped that the night was so cooling and breezy.

Anyway, back to my outfit: top from Primark, shoes from Thailand, bag from H&M in Thailand, and my skort from a boutique that a lady I know just opened. I actually thought the skort was a skirt initially, and was not very sure about the colour when I saw it in the store. However, when I brought it home and tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that it was indeed a skort and the length is actually quite flattering.

More about my findings from Bangkok, Thailand. The black jelly peep-toe shoes were bought for the sole purpose of walking around in Vietnam during the summer because it tends to rain a lot here. I have to say it was the best investment shoes. I can even wear them on my way to work before changing to my work shoes in order to not ruin my suede or leather shoes with rain water. I got it for the whooping price of 300 baht (less than US$10). The bag was another proud investment. I got it from H&M on it’s first day of sale, it was actually the last one and I am so happy I was quick in deciding to get it. It was also for sale for 300 baht and I have not part with it ever since.

That’s it for today. Have a great day and see ya!


Fjallraven Kanken – My baby girl finally arrived



I have mentioned in a post that I ordered a Fjallraven Kanken backpack and was waiting for it to arrived. It finally did!

This bag came a long way actually. The first part of its journey to me was the search. It did not take long for me to google websites that sold this bag online. However, www.ilovemykanken.com in particular interested me. One, there was a 15% storewide sale going on (it is still going on actually). Two, there was a 20% discount for orders outside EU. Three, free worldwide delivery. Four, the reviews for this site are sky high. After careful comparisons and consideration (because the original £55 price is a little too much for me), I got the Warm Yellow Classic bag for only £36 from there!!!

However, I distrust the Vietnamese postal service (I think it’s mostly fine, just me being paranoid), so I decided to get it delivered to my friend’s place in Singapore, and have another friend deliver it back to Vietnam for me. It took the bag about 10 working days to arrive at my friend’s in Singapore, which was considerably fast for international delivery, and about a week more to get to my hands.

I was so beyond myself when I saw the bag. It was in immaculate condition. I love everything about it, from the little tags that came with it to its vibrant colour, to its unique shape and design, so timeless and classic. I will not go into describing it in detail because you can see everything from the photos. So, feast your eyes.

IMG_4126 IMG_4128 IMG_4130 IMG_4131 IMG_4133 IMG_4134


I don’t know why there was a Frallraven sticker along with the bag, but I thought it was crazy cute. The adjustable straps feel very sturdy and the material is waterproof. My only concern is that the bright colour will get dirty easily but I think the material is quite easy to clean. All the compartments in the bag are of good size, and the shape allows you to store more things than a pear-shape backpack of similar size.

I cannot wait to start wearing it, which will happen pretty soon when my internship in Vietnam starts. Here, the safest bag to wear is backpack because it’s the hardest to snatch from you, which do happen if you are not careful. This bag will be chic enough to wear with my work clothes, while still keep my things safe, and if anything I can always put a more formal bag inside to change into when i get to work.

I recommend anyone who is looking for a backpack to chose Fjallraven Kanken and to use http://www.ilovemykanken.com in particular because the product and service was that good. This is not a sponsored post, by the brand or the website. I am just speaking from my own experience.

Thanks for stopping by and see you again!

Hug me tight

I have been seeing midi skirts around for a very long time but to be honest, I am afraid to wear any kind of skirts or dresses in general because I am quite conscious about my bottom half. Plus I have a feeling that midi skirts “chop off” your legs considerably due to the awkward length, so I have just been sitting admiring those with amazing legs who can pull it off.

However, lately I have been trying to be more adventurous with my fashion choices, and between all the skirt lengths, I think I am most comfortable with midi, specifically the figure hugging midi skirt. I think it is the most flattering of all. I looked around for inspiration and of course, the first place (or rather person) I looked at is Miranda Kerr, one of my biggest style idols.



Image source



Image source

I love how she wears both plain and textured or printed midi skirts so elegantly and effortlessly. These will be my go-to pairings when I do my internship during the summer, very professional and stylish. A true no-brainer.

However, I don’t want to and don’t have that many occasions to be so dressed up, so I looked for more casual ways to pair the hugging midi skirt:



Image source

*EXCLUSIVE* Amber Heard and a male buddy catch up over lunch


Image source

Above are two pairings that I definitely want to try to wear during my vacation. Very chic and casual.

I have already got myself a stretchy navy midi skirt from Boohoo. I figured it’s better to start with basic and simple pieces. Once I get comfortable with it, I will move on to more adventurous pieces.



Navy midi skirt from Boohoo. They also have an amazing selection of midi skirts in various colours and patterns. I actually regret that I didn’t get more colours. Still, I can’t wait to try pairings with this skirt.

Thanks for reading!


Just a quick outfit post 🙂 It was such a nice sunny day that I brought out my cap for a spin. This is another item that I have owned and loved for years becoming trendy.

IMG_3975 IMG_3976 IMG_3979


Jeans – Gap ; Panda Sweater – ASOS ; Flats – Primark ; Backpack – Claire’s

Have a nice day! 🙂

The grey sweatshirt


While looking for some muse for a new blog post, I came across this Outfit Inspiration from Elle with the main item being the grey sweat shirt (below).


Image source

I have a love/hate feeling when something I wear everyday like the grey sweatshirt suddenly becomes trendy. On one hand I am flattered, on the other hand I feel drowned out in the crowd when so many people are suddenly sporting the same outfit as me. Therefore I am all for details to differentiate an outfit.

For that reason, I love this grey sweater with pleather details on the neck and at the sides. I wear it very often, almost every week during the cold months. Today I paired it with a skirt and brogues instead of just a pair of jeans like I normally would.


Sweatshirt – JayJays ; Skirt – American Apparel ; Brogues – New Look ; Sling bag – Fossil ; Watch – Fossil ; Sunglasses – flea market

DSC_7155 DSC_7158 DSC_7159 DSC_7160 DSC_7161 DSC_7163 DSC_7180

The photos were taken in York. It was a chilly and windy day. So sorry for the wrinkly skirt but I am packing up my things to go back home for holiday next week so I don’ have many choices right now.

Have a nice day and see you!

The perfect backpack




Image source

I have always been fond of backpacks. In fact, I have worn backpacks throughout my school years and have never been sick of them. The necessity to own a backpack was especially urgent when I came to the UK for college. Since I travel around quite a lot, a backpack seems to be the most sensible choice. However, my current floral backpack (below), as adorable as it is, seem to be only suitable for school to carry a few notes and a bottle of water.



Backpack from Claire’s (I actually got on sale. This backpack and another warm yellow sling bag cost me £10 in total! And Claire’s really carries an amazing range of accessories)

However, I still need a backpack that is more suitable for travelling and carrying a more substantial amount of things, yet still stylish. The current range of backpacks available on the market seem to have only one or the other: comfort or style. I almost gave up until I set my eyes on the Fjallraven Kanken.

The Swedish brand have been standing strong for over 50 years and the iconic backpack is slowly making its way into the fashion world. Not only is it suitable for travelling, designed in a way to make carrying a relatively heavy load more easy on the shoulders, it is water resistant and also comes in an amazing range of colours. Every single shade of colour used is so classy and eye-pleasing. Believe me, I would get every single one of them if I could.



Image source

After doing substantial research and deliberating, I decided to get the classic Kanken in warm yellow like below (in the hope to brighten the English weather).



Image source

I will do a review on the bag once I get it, and also the website I got it from.

Thanks for reading and have a great day ahead.

Spring in Durham

Today was a beautiful sunny Saturday, so I went for a walking trail around Durham. I also wanted to bring my DIY pearl embellished denim jacket out for a run. Even though I was wearing a backpack with the straps constantly rubbing on the pearls, none dropped out and all seem to still be strongly attached to the jacket *thumbs up*.

We took a walk to the Cathedral, and then stopped for lunch at InShanghai. A buffet lunch was the perfect meal to have after a long walk. I chucked up a lot of their delicious salad.

DSC_7054 DSC_7056 DSC_7057 DSC_7065 DSC_7066 DSC_7060 DSC_7061

After the meal we took a walk along the river. I’ve never walked this way before and it was such a beautiful spring path to stroll along on a beautiful Saturday like this one.

DSC_7069 DSC_7070 DSC_7072 DSC_7083 DSC_7085 DSC_7097 DSC_7100 DSC_7104 DSC_7109 DSC_7111 DSC_7112 DSC_7119 DSC_7127 DSC_7128 DSC_7137 DSC_7130 DSC_7140


Hope you too are having a wonderful spring/summer.

Til next time!