Hug me tight

I have been seeing midi skirts around for a very long time but to be honest, I am afraid to wear any kind of skirts or dresses in general because I am quite conscious about my bottom half. Plus I have a feeling that midi skirts “chop off” your legs considerably due to the awkward length, so I have just been sitting admiring those with amazing legs who can pull it off.

However, lately I have been trying to be more adventurous with my fashion choices, and between all the skirt lengths, I think I am most comfortable with midi, specifically the figure hugging midi skirt. I think it is the most flattering of all. I looked around for inspiration and of course, the first place (or rather person) I looked at is Miranda Kerr, one of my biggest style idols.



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I love how she wears both plain and textured or printed midi skirts so elegantly and effortlessly. These will be my go-to pairings when I do my internship during the summer, very professional and stylish. A true no-brainer.

However, I don’t want to and don’t have that many occasions to be so dressed up, so I looked for more casual ways to pair the hugging midi skirt:



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*EXCLUSIVE* Amber Heard and a male buddy catch up over lunch


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Above are two pairings that I definitely want to try to wear during my vacation. Very chic and casual.

I have already got myself a stretchy navy midi skirt from Boohoo. I figured it’s better to start with basic and simple pieces. Once I get comfortable with it, I will move on to more adventurous pieces.



Navy midi skirt from Boohoo. They also have an amazing selection of midi skirts in various colours and patterns. I actually regret that I didn’t get more colours. Still, I can’t wait to try pairings with this skirt.

Thanks for reading!