Flower power



Quick outfit of the day post, featuring my mom (probably hard to tell she’s my mom from the photo, more like my sister haha).

I went out with my family the other day and had the best time ever. We went for dinner and just took a walk around the city centre. It helped that the night was so cooling and breezy.

Anyway, back to my outfit: top from Primark, shoes from Thailand, bag from H&M in Thailand, and my skort from a boutique that a lady I know just opened. I actually thought the skort was a skirt initially, and was not very sure about the colour when I saw it in the store. However, when I brought it home and tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that it was indeed a skort and the length is actually quite flattering.

More about my findings from Bangkok, Thailand. The black jelly peep-toe shoes were bought for the sole purpose of walking around in Vietnam during the summer because it tends to rain a lot here. I have to say it was the best investment shoes. I can even wear them on my way to work before changing to my work shoes in order to not ruin my suede or leather shoes with rain water. I got it for the whooping price of 300 baht (less than US$10). The bag was another proud investment. I got it from H&M on it’s first day of sale, it was actually the last one and I am so happy I was quick in deciding to get it. It was also for sale for 300 baht and I have not part with it ever since.

That’s it for today. Have a great day and see ya!